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We are very pleased to announce the upcoming two events that will be held within

Hotel „Aleksandar Palace“ – Skopje

26 September 2017 (Tuesday)

FORUM: Regulation of labor relations and the labor market within the ICT sector 

The forum is organized by MASIT within the USAID Project - Partnership for Better Business Regulation implemented by the MASIT, Economic Chamber of Macedonia, Economic Chamber of North - West Macedonia and Epicenter International.

The goal of this forum is to process and discuss topics related to the regulation of labor relations that are specific to the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) sector:

  • Regulation of labor relations in the ICT sector (flexibility of working time, overtime work, work from home, internships);
  • Salaries and allowances from employment (records of overtime, allowances for traveling abroad, work abroad / from abroad, additional gifts / incentives for employees);
  • Participation of the government in adapting the needs of the labor market: regulation of the internships/preparation of career staff in the ICT sector - successful examples from abroad.
  • FORUM DISCUSSION - besides the experts, other participants that will be invited to take part are representatives from the: Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of information society and administration, State Labor Inspectorate, representatives from the ICT private sector, representatives from the faculties that educate ICT staff and representatives from international organizations that have activities in this field.



REGISTRATION FORM The participation on the forum is free of charge with mandatory prior registration and is open for representatives of ICT companies, institutions and organizations.


27 September 2017 (Wednesday)

CONFERENCE for innovative ICT solutions

This conference is organized by MASIT as the main organizer and supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia through a project from the cluster association program.

The main goal of the conference is to present innovative topics, solutions and trends of interest to ICT companies, such as: what's new in the ICT sector, what trends are ahead of us, successfully implemented solutions of MASIT member companies, innovative methods, world trends in the ICT industry, solutions in the public sector, solutions in the private sector, success stories, etc..


REGISTRATION FORM - The participation on the conference is free of charge with mandatory prior registration and is open for ICT companies, state institutions and organizations.

PRESENTATION AND SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES – If you are interested to present your solution or success story please you can find all of the details in the Sponsorship packages section.


For detailed information visit www.seeita.org









Contact Information

ICT Chamber of Commerce - MASIT
St. "Kosta Veselinov“ no.6, entrance 1, floor 1
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
tel. 389 75 280 507; 389 78 296 487
e-mail: contact@masit.org.mk


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