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Girls in ICT 2012

Event “Girls in ICT”, 26.04.2012


On the occasion of the worldwide day "Girls in ICT" (26.04.2012), an event was held in the Amphitheatre of the Faculty of Information Science and Computer Engineering (FINKI). The event was initiated by Deputy Minister of Information society and Administration Ms. Marta Tomovska, and was supported by Ministry of science and education and MASIT. The goal of the event was to encourage more members of the female population to enroll in ICT faculties and enable gender balance in the ICT industry. In a long run this will result with bigger number of ICT staff in the Macedonian economy.

By promoting this concept, Macedonia for the first time joined the celebration of the initiative "Girls in ICT" supported by the International Telecommunication Union (International Telecommunication Union - ITU) - a specialized agency of the United Nations. The day that will be traditionally celebrated on this occasion is every fourth Thursday in April.

“In the next 10 years, the worldwide ICT industry will face deficit of IT staff, especially because the world becomes in many fields dependent on ICT technologies.  Women's creativity, talent and capacity are not used enough in that field, and information and communication technologies are an excellent chance of achieving successful career for the women around the world "- was just part of the message sent by the Deputy Minister Tomovska.

In the event actively participated the State Secretary in Ministry of science and education Ms. Elizabeta Todorovska who said that the girls are on the move and need to prove that the low percentage of their representation in ICT industry is prejudice that needs to disappear. Welcoming speech continued with the Dean of the Faculty of Information Science and Computer Engineering Prof. Dr. Dimitar Trajanov, Ph.D. Sonja Filiposka - FINKI, Ph.D. Sanja Veleva - FEIT, Executive director of MASIT  Mrs. Anita Nikova and the General manager of Semos Education, Ms. Valentina Taseva who briefly spoke about their experience.

The activities of the campaign "Girls in ICT" continued with promotion of Macedonian "Girls in ICT" official website www.girlsinict.mk . After the event, the students had unique opportunity to visit 8 Macedonian ICT companies ( Asseko SEE, Ericsson, Macedonian Telecom, Nextsence, Netcetera, Seavus, Semos Education, Ultra ) - MASIT members, which are headed by women. The 8 secondary schools that participated with their second and third year female students are:

Josip Broz Tito, Nikola Karev, Georgi Dimitrov, Orce Nikolov, Vlado Tasevski, Koco Racin, Zef Ljush Marku, Rade Jovcevski – Korcagin.

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