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The new leadership of MASIT was selected

On the 28th of March 2013, at the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, 5th floor, hall 4, starting at 13:00 at the Seventh annual meeting of the Chamber of information and Communication Technologies – MASIT, the Leaders from the ICT companies MASIT - members, including the most influential and most successful companies in Macedonia chose thethe new leadership of the Chamber for the next mandate period.


The event was opened by the former President of the Assembly MASIT, Mr. Dame Cvetkovski. The outgoing President of the Managing Board MASIT, Mr. Igor Bimbiloski gave an overview to the MASIT activities for the past mandate, displaying the results and realized projects for the past year. Further, by the former President of the Supervisory Board was presented the financial report for the work of the Chamber in 2012. To the Parliament was also presented the proposed budget plan and draft action plan (program) for the work of the Chamber MASIT 2013-2014.


Furthermore, at the Assembly the companies MASIT-members elected new leadership for the next mandate period 2013-2015, as follows:

President of the MASIT Assembly : Igor Bimbiloski, Makedonski Telekom

President of the MASIT Managing Board: Slagjan Mihajlovski, Infinite Solutions

Members of the Managing Board 2013-2015:

  • Slagjan Mihajlovski - Infinite Solutions - President
  • Goran Kubelka - Neocom - Deputy President
  • Dragan Chelpujnoski - ONE
  • Ilija Prentovski - ASSECO SEE
  • Ljubomir Hristov - Ultra
  • Boro Antovski S&T Macedonia
  • Tedi Conevski - Neotel
  • Petar Indovski - Gord Systems
  • Ilija Stevkov - Stone Computers
  • Goran Poposki - ASI
  • Andon Rumenov - Reaktiv
  • Predrag Radojicikj - Simt
  • Gjorgji Gicev - Artisoft 
  • Slavcho Bujaroski - Sigma SB 
  • Branko Trajkovski - Bransys

President of the Supervisory Board - Miro Krstevski, DDS Computers

President of the Court of Honor - Jasmina Trajkovski, Representative Council ICT experts MASIT


After completion of the work part of the Assembly, there was the ceremonial part where were awarded certificates of appreciation to the Project for promotion of investment and export at the German Office for Cooperation (GIZ IEP) and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia for their support in the creation and implementation of the "National Strategy for export of software and IT services ", which was recently adopted by the Government as a national strategy. The certificates of appreciation were awarded by the new elected President of the Assembly MASIT, Igor Bimbiloski and were received by Valentina Nushkova from the Project for the promotion of investment and export at the German Office for Cooperation (GIZ IEP) and Nikolina Trajanovska from the Ministry of Economy.












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