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FORUM: Regulation of labor relations and the labor market in the ICT sector



FORUM: Regulation of labor relations and the labor market in the ICT sector

26 September 2017 (Tuesday)


On September 26, 2017, within the USAID Project - Partnership for Better Business Regulation, MASIT organized the Forum on the topic: Regulation of labor relations and the labor market in the ICT (information and communication technologies) sector. The goal of this event was to present the main challenges in the field of labor relations which are specific for the ICT sector in Macedonia.


"The ICT industry is one of the fastest growing economic sectors in Macedonia, it has huge employment and export potentials and provides employment opportunities with salaries that are double than the average amount in Macedonia. ICT is also an important source for employment of the highly educated young people” said Mr. David Atteberry, Mission Director of USAID Macedonia in his speech.


Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mila Carovska in the speech stressed the importance of cooperation between the chambers and the ministry in order to increase the employability, thus contributing to the growth and development of businesses and the economy on the whole country level.

"The Law on Labor Relations is in the process of changing, and this kind of events and analyzes will make a major contribution to realistic perceptions of the changes that need to be made in the new law. The law can be perfectly written, but if the attitude of the business community is not involved in the changes that need to be followed then the implementation of certain legal solutions may be unsuccessful. For that purpose, the cooperation between the ministry, the chambers and the business community is crucial" added Ms. Carovska.


"MASIT as a voice and resource of the ICT sector in Macedonia is actively engaged in all the issues and challenges that ICT companies face in their everyday businesses. This event is organized in response to the needs of companies for further improvement of the regulation of Labor relations in order to support the growth of their business, "said Ms. Aneta Antova Pesheva, Deputy President of MASIT Managing Board.


"In a survey conducted in September with a growing number of business entities, and conducted by all partners in the Project, the initial results indicate that 76% of the surveyed companies consider that they have not been consulted in the process of adopting the legislation. In addition to this, in a poll conducted with civil society organizations conducted by EPI CENTAR Internacional in August, more than 64% of the surveyed organizations said they had never been involved in the process of adopting the legislation. This undoubtedly points to the need to improve the process of Public Private Dialogue, which is one of the key goals of the project - Partnership for Better Business Regulation" said Ljubomir Dimovski, Chief of Party USAID Project - Partnership for Better Business Regulation.


The goal of this forum is to raise and discuss topics related to the regulation of labor relations that are specific to the ICT sector, where the expert covered couple of topics:

Regulation of labor relations in the ICT sector (flexibility of working time, overtime work, work from home, internships) - Mr. Jovan Najdenovski, Legal consultant

Salaries and allowances from employment (payment of work, records of overtime, holiday work, working hours and different time zones, travel expenses, allowances for traveling abroad, longer absence abroad, additional payments / gifts / incentives / employee benefits) -  Ms. Marijana Andrikj, Financial and tax consultant

ICT and labor market: Success stories and experiences from the region:(international regularities and examples, labor Code context of ICT Jobs, taxes on labor and ICT jobs, ICT business associations, business environment and advocacy) - Mr. Krassen Stanchev, Professor and consultant from Bulgaria

PANEL DISCUSSION with the participants of the event where besides the experts, other participants that will be invited to take part are representatives from the: Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, State Labor Inspectorate, The Public Revenue Office and the Ministry of Finance.

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In the next period, the Project will work to further process and resolve the issues discussed at this event, while at the same time the Project will work on constructive solutions proposed as a result of the public-private dialogue mechanisms supported by the Project - Partnership for Better Business Regulation. All project activities are carried out by EPI CENTAR Internacional and the three key partners: the Economic Chamber of Macedonia; ICT Chamber of Commerce - MASIT and the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia. By actively participating in the implementation of this project, chambers will build their capacity to better serve SMEs.



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