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CONFERENCE for innovative ICT solutions and trends

CONFERENCE for innovative ICT solutions and trends

27 September 2017 (Wednesday)




Within the MASIT ICT Days, the biggest IT event in the country, today (27.09) in Skopje, aConference for innovative ICT solutions and trends was held, where it was discussed on several current topics and issues in the field of ICT innovations in the function of better business, life and development. At the conference, which was divided into three multidisciplinary works, great attention was paid to raising the level of innovation of domestic ICT companies and in what ways to achieve better cooperation between science, companies and the state in achieving this goal. Domestic companies were given the opportunity to present their innovative solutions, best practices and trends on the domestic market, while foreign and domestic experts shared successful examples and opportunities for supporting ICT innovations in the country and abroad.


"The conference is a great opportunity to present and discuss the measures that can improve the conditions for development of ICT companies in the country and I believe it will contribute to increase the engagement of the Macedonian ICT industry. From today's discussions it can be concluded that the need and desire of ICT companies to introduce innovations and to follow the world trends is obvious, but most important is the need for more coordinated cooperation among all stakeholders and increasing the efficiency in achieving this goal. MASIT as a ICT Chamber of Commerce constantly is flllowing the topics of interest and importance for our member companies and in the next period we will make even greater efforts for deepening the cooperation between MASIT and ICT companies with state bodies and educational institutions in order to realize on concrete activities and measures for encouraging and supporting the innovation of ICT companies, "said Dragan Chepujnoski, President of MASIT Assembly.


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In the first part of the conference, the Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski also addressed his speech. He pointed out that only with mutual cooperation between the faculties, the industry and the goverment can be created concrete measures in order to have a greater benefit from investments in the technologies. "The basic step should be made by the state, to motivate as many people as possible to seek their existence in the IT industry. This industry is one of the key mechanisms to motivate young people to stay in Macedonia, to study here, to get easy employment and to have a higher standard of living. In the next period we will try to make a coordinated strategy how to achieve this. The next year the opening of a technology park in the country is expected" added Manchevski.


Assistant Director of Youth Policy Division, Northern Ireland, Michael Gold gave great support for the event and MASIT, and emphasized that only with the cooperation of the Government, universities and companies it will be possible to achieve great progress in the promotion of the ICT industry in the country and that with such cooperation Northern Ireland has managed to develop this industry.


The conference was organized by MASIT - ICT Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the EU funded Twinning Project “Developing cooperation between higher education institutions, the private sector and relevant public bodies". The main goal of the project is to strengthen the institutional capacities of higher education institutions and to strengthen their cooperation with the private sector.


The event is attended by a large number of representatives from ICT companies, state institutions, technological faculties, foreign and domestic experts. The main conclusion of the conference is that precisely the multidisciplinary cooperation of the academy, business and the government sector in support of finding and applying innovations and technologies will cause rapid growth of the ICT sector.



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