ITD Distribution

ITD Distribution Macedonia is part of Infosoft Group (Infosoft Group) was founded in 1991. With 25 years of social experience, Infosoft Group covers development companies in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.
ITD Distribution Macedonia can work on opportunities for Macedonia in 2007, as InfoSoft Systems doo. Macedonia In 2010, you can find the company that changed to ITD Distribution doo. Macedonia
The company is an authorized distributor of DELL, IBM, HP, Lenovo, ADATA, Gygabyte, TP-link Genius, Winstar, Cooler master, Futjutu, Spire, Power Tree, ION, UNI-1, Fabriano, MURATLI Carton, Lepenka and Protective Products from other prestigious companies worldwide.
Primary focus is the distribution of IT products (servers, storage and software, networking, users and notebook users, components and accessories, printing and imaging) and the distribution of paper and graphic products (paper, cardboard, office services, toners and cartridges).

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