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The Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies – MASIT represents the Macedonian ICT industry and promotes and represents the business interests of ICT companies in order to promote and develop the ICT industry and business environment.

The Chamber represents companies operating a wide range of ICT products and services in Macedonia and since its establishment in 2000, as a non-profit and voluntary institution, has provided its member companies with access to information, education, legal advice, cooperation, networking and promotion at domestic, regional and international levels, with the aim of advancing and developing the ICT industry.

MASIT cooperates regionally and internationally with other organizations and associations. MASIT cooperates regionally with all ICT Associations in the SEE region and is a member of the Balkan and Black Sea Cluster Network. Internationally, MASIT has been a member of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance – WITSA (www.witsa.org) since May 2005. MASIT has excellent cooperation with donor organizations present in the country.


MASIT to be the enabler for growth of the Macedonian ICT businesses, their recognition and image domestically and abroad, as well as enriching the Macedonian prosperity and economy by having stronger, organized and progressive ICT industry.


MASIT is the voice and resource of a competitive ICT sector, supporting an innovation-driven economy and a key contributor to the nation’s prosperity.


The following goals have been established to achieve the vision and mission stated, as well as to satisfy the needs and interests to retain and expand membership.

  • Public dialog – to strengthen MASIT recognition and role in the development of ICT related Legislation, Policy and Market regulation through protecting and representing the interests of the ICT business community.
  • Competitiveness – to increase the competitiveness of the members through capacity building, fostering innovation, lifelong learning as well as certification of companies and qualification of human resources.
  • Collaboration and Networking – to support the collaboration and networking of the ICT companies domestically, regionally and internationally through events, projects, partnerships and competition awards. To build and enhance MASIT network with recognized organizations in order to improve Macedonian ICT industry brand, recognition, image and reputation.
  • Export capacities – to support the exports through improving the export promotion policies; international branding and position; promoting clusters and collaboration; strengthening export capabilities and knowledge; fostering quality and company excellence with ultimate goal to establish Macedonia as a well recognized brand for specialized, high quality outsourcing services and software products.
  • Sustainability – to constantly enhance its financial and organizational operations and establish MASIT as recognized and professional organization through innovative, effective and efficient management and leadership in order to boost the fulfillment of its vision and mission.

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