Regulation Masit
  • Act of establishment of MASIT The Act of establishment of MASIT as a Chamber of Commerce defines the goals and main activities of MASIT, name and address, MASIT’s founders as well as MASIT bodies.
  • StatuteThis Statute regulates the details on organization, working, financing and ceasing of existence of the Information and Communication Technologies Chamber of Commerce MASIT Skopje, and most of all, purposes and goals of the existence of the MASIT Chamber.
  • Code of Ethics The Code of Ethics reflects the dedication of the Members of MASIT to maintain the highest level of ethics and responsibility in their relationship with the public, other member and non-member companies and customers.
  • Financial RegulationsMASIT Financial Regulations regulates all of the financial issues within the Chamber.

Book of rules 

  • Book of rules for the work of the AssemblyThe Book of rules for the work of the Assembly regulates the preparation and execution of the Assembly meetings, as well as decision making process and election of representatives within MASIT bodies.
  • Book of rules for the work of the Supervisory BoardThe Supervisory Board makes supervision of the legal, material and financial work of the Chamber. The Book of rules of the Supervisory Board regulates the election of the members of the Supervisory Board, organization, authority and the activities.
  • Book of rules for the work of the Commission of HonorThe Commission of honnor’s authority, members, organization, financing, selection and dismissal of the members are created within the Regulations for Work of the Commission of Honor, suggested by the Managing Board and accepted by the Assembly.
  • Book of rules for the work of the Working groupsThe book of rules for the work of the Working Groups regulates the conditions and criteria for proposal, selection and the structure of the Working Groups including guidelines for their work.
  • Book of rules for applying to membershipThe Book of rules for applying for membership in MASIT regulates the procedure and documents needed for entering into MASIT’s regular and membership.
  • Book of rules for meetings The Book of rules for conducting meetings regulates the operational execution of the meetings of all of the bodies working within the Chamber
  • Book of rules for electronic voting The Book of rules for decision making by electronic voting regulates the procedure for making decisions by MASIT bodies using electronic voting.

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