MASIT recommendations for a more successful 2020

“MASIT proposes a model that will reduce the cost of contributions based on a specific proposal: limit or set an upper threshold for the calculation of contributions”

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MASIT held its 16th annual conference – DATA AS AN ASSET

The 16th conference with the theme – DATA AS AN ASSET was held on Thursday, October 31, 2009. Driven by the aspirations of Macedonian ICT companies to become more competitive on the European and world markets, as well as by the progressive export volumes of the ICT industry, MASIT directed the panels and discussions to one particularly important and crucial topic: data.

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MASIT held a meeting with HE US Ambassador Kate Marie Burns

At the meeting, they presented information that is of prime importance for the Macedonian economy and industrial growth, as well as for the regional cooperation within which MASIT is very active.

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Event: Encouraging and retaining employees

Here is a part of the atmosphere of the event with the theme: “Encouraging and Retaining Employees”

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