Since its establishment in 1992, “BLANK” has been providing posters for working and cooperating with clients (legal and natural persons), which are based on full professionalism and cooperation, in order to meet their functionality requirements. on the installed software.

In addition to the software already in place (complete solutions for commercial-financial records, individual, networked and interconnected – at the customer’s request), we also make custom-made software to the needs of the customer. In support of the installed application software are our maintenance agreements after the expiration of the warranty period. We carry out complete computer engineering, with our reputable outside companies and associates involved in our work and performance.

The undeniable fact is that since its creation “BLANK” no customer has canceled our services. This is a consequence of adequate programmatic software solutions, software maintenance, compliance with legal norms and regulations, adequate and timely response to any problem and, most importantly, availability of all kinds of support throughout the working hours and, if necessary, outside working hours (related to our operations and specified in the contract).

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