With a total of 126 stations with up-to-date product and service offerings, Makpetrol has the largest network of gas stations in the Republic of Macedonia. In addition, our company products and services are trusted by numerous business clients, car park operators, freight forwarding and transportation companies, both Macedonian airports and various industrial entities.

Since its founding nearly seven decades ago, Makpetrol has always been a leader in driving innovation in propulsion, improving the quality of its products, and introducing alternative proprietary fuels that contribute to greater environmental protection. Thus, in all these years we manage to maintain the leading position in the distribution and trade of oil derivatives in the Republic of Macedonia.

Through our state-of-the-art laboratory that operates to the most stringent world standards, we ensure consistency in the quality of our fuels, as well as through regular control and state-of-the-art infrastructure performance at our gas stations. In 2008, we opened our biodiesel plant with an annual capacity of 20,000 tons, reaffirming our commitment to the use of renewable energy sources.

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