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Fourth B2B event within Green ICT Development (GIVE) project – Belgrade, Serbia


On 19-20 June 2019 Serbian Automotive Cluster organized the fourth B2B event in the framework of Green ICT Development (GIVE) project in Belgrade, Serbia. The first part of the event at GIZ premises in Belgrade, where the project partner meeting was held. Also, during the first day presentations were held by clusters coming from Croatia, Egypt and France, which are potential GIVE partners for future activities.

The main event took place on the second day, at the Science Technology Park in Belgrade, where the opening session started with welcome speech by Mr. Igor Vijatov, Cluster Manager at Serbian Automotive Cluster and Mr. Tomislav Knezevic, Senior Project Manager at GIZ Serbia. After the opening session Ms. Anna Naydenova, Executive Director of ICT Cluster Bulgaria presented the GIVE project and explained the opportunities this project gives for three sectors from the Western Balkan region, ICT, Green – tech and automotive, to network as frequently as possible.

Next on the agenda was the keynote speaker, Mr. Pierluigi Ghione, General Manager SEE, MAGNA Seating Division with presentation on the main topic: Digital Future of the Automotive Industry. In the following presentation Mr. Filip Mrdak coming from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, presented the Center for Digital Transformation: national response to global trends and needs. The project is very special activity through which ICT companies will help companies from other sectors to realize what type(s) of digital transformations they should undertake. It is a consultative process through which ICT sector will raise awareness for the advantages that digital transformation could give to other sectors and the replication of it is much needed for the whole region.

In the third session of the event four companies presented their innovative solutions, services and best practices. Starting with representative from Mitsubishi Electric who presented the Factory Automation Platforms in the company. The second presentation was focused on the Sensor Technologies developed by the Serbian company Novelic, following with presentation by representative from the company Festo on the subject: Automation of Production Processes. In the last presentation, representative from the company Andromeda Holding presented their unique products and services.

The event ended with short company pitching and B2B meetings between the participants in order to establish networking and discuss present activities, products, services, joint projects, partnerships, exchange of experience and market information. It is worth mentioning that this was the fourth B2B meeting organized on behalf of the GIVE project and companies participating in these meetings are frequently repeating. This means that discussions for corporations are going on the next level each time same companies meet. In addition, GIVE project is proud to state that there are already partnership agreements signed between several companies coming from different countries from the region.

There are two more B2B events that will happen in Sofia and Cluj in September and October, respectively. The final GIVE conference will take place in Skopje at the end of November, during which all companies from the region and representatives of the European Commission will probably wrap up all the partnerships started throughout the project. This event will also be utilized for the presentation of the Internationalization strategy related to approach of Western Balkan companies to third markets such as China and Egypt.

Stay up to date with all the future activities within the project by following the GIVE Facebook page and GIVE LinkedIn group.

MASIT successfully implemented the second cycle of Requalification of ICT workforce Programme supported by USAID REG Project


MASIT – ICT Chamber of commerce successfully implemented the second cycle of Requalification of ICT workforce Programme, supported by USAID REG Project. Within the activities of the project, the unemployed candidates coming from non-ICT sector, and other candidates coming from other sectors, had an opportunity to be reqilified in order to gain some other skills, knowledge and practical experience for ICT profiles required by ICT companies in North Macedonia. The goal of the project is to create new ICT workforce pool of candidates and in parallel give opportunity to the candidates to be employed in ICT companies at junior programming positions or other positions related to the ICT sector.

Witinh the second cycle of Requalification of ICT workforce Programme 34 students in total gained new knowledge and skills to work as a junior position Front-End Web Developer wih focus on “react” technology. The training provider responsible for the training and the teaching methodology for the cycle two was Brainster. The first class from the Re-qualification Project, cycle 2, was held on 5th of March in the premises of the training provider – Brainster. Since then, the students have been learning the Web Programming with HTML & CSS, BOOTSTRAP & JavaScript fundamentals & JavaScript Advanced.

MASIT and Brainster organized final presentations of the final project of the students in front of companies interested to take interns and new employees. The presentations took place on 27th and 28th of June 2019 during which students presented the web sites they created as final product of the knowledge gained. At the presentations CEOs, HR and tech leads from MASIT member companies were present, and they had questions and time left to talk with the students, in order to build a better connection for the future process of internship or employment of the students.

GIVE partnership signed Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with four different partners coming from 3rd market countries.

During the first half of Green ICT Development (GIVE) project implementation, three different Focus group meetings were held, dedicated to the following topics: Cross-industry collaboration, Barriers of SME internationalization and Internationalization potential and interested third markets.

The main goal of the Focus groups is to use the intelligence gathering, assessment of market trends and opportunities in conjunction with the consortium capabilities and needs in order to create the Market Intelligence Report. The report will include recommendations on: Internationalization readiness of cluster managers and SMEs, GIVE areas of cooperation and complementarity among partners (technological, business, R&D, innovation) and Target markets outside Europe.

Based on the results from the Market Intelligence Report the targeted 3rd markets for the GIVE project are Egypt and China. Therefore, the GIVE partnership intensified the work on connecting with potential partners from the targeted markets and regions around them. You can find full reports of the Focus group meeting on the following link.

In that regards, the GIVE partnership signed Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with four different partners form 3 different countries: Beijing Changfeng Information Technology Industry, Alliance Qingdao World-to-Sino (WTS) International Business Consulting Company, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association and Innovation Cluster Egypt.

The project partners will continue to attract more potential partners and connect with other organizations and clusters during the 3 remaining GIVE events as well as European cluster matchmaking events.

Cluj IT Cluster signs Memorandum of Understanding with representatives of the Moldavian IT Industry


The prerequisites for inter-regional collaboration were established between representatives of cluster initiatives in Romania and Republic of Moldavia on May 30th 2019 when an agreement between the two organizations was signed.

The Moldovan Association of Information and Communications (ATIC) and Cluj IT Cluster agreed on initiating common actions and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of building a strategic relationship for the purposes of promoting an international, entrepreneurial and education relationship between the two clusters. At the heart of the initiative lies the necessity to diversify services towards their members, i.e. enable sharing information, resources knowledge and innovation.

The MoU was signed during Cluj Innovation Days 2019, Cluj IT Cluster’s annual event dedicated to celebrating innovation, to cross-industry and cross-sector cooperation, to new partnerships and business models.

Six different solution from MASIT member companies are nominated for WITSA – Global ICT Excellent Award 2019


MASIT – ICT Chamber of Commerce nominated six different solutions by member companies for this years’ Global ICT Excellence Awards, which will take place from 6-9 October in Yerevan, Armenia, organized by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance – WITSA.

The company iVote has been nominated in the category Public-Private Partnership with the Demokra solution. Demokra is an integrated platform that enables detailed and comprehensive management of all electoral processes.

Asseco SEE is nominated in the e-Health category with the Drug Visor solution. Drug Visor is a monitoring system for adverse effects of drugs. One of the main features of the Drug Visor system is that it has been developed in accordance with the latest guidance of the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use, which defines the structure of an ICSR application and version R3 of that manual.


M-Kajy is the nominated solution in the Digital Innovation category created by the company Aspekt. M-Kajy is a mobile platform solution which provides enhanced individual productivity for employees and customer service more efficiently, working online without the need of internet connection.

Elikosoft is nominated in the Digital Innovation category with the Smart Inventory solution. This solution is a modern and innovative web application, unique on the market of this type for meeting the needs of distribution companies and managing warehouses within the company.

The company Bransys is nominated in the Digital Innovation category with the EZtoTrack – Asset Management Solution. This solution is used to manage and control assets – vehicles in a fleet, such as containers, trailers, chassis, and similar.

The company InPlayer is nominated in the Digital Innovation category with the Paywall solution. Paywall is a tool for monetizing digital content, including videos, live streams, audio content, etc.

Read the full article on the following link

Government of Canton Sarajevo provided scholarship for the new generation of students attending associate degree IT study programs


In the academic year 2018/2019, two-year associate degree study programs have been implemented at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Sarajevo (B&H), and the first generation of students was successfully enrolled.

This study program is of great importance to all IT companies which are faced with a shortage of qualified and educated workforce. In this way, students are ready to work in IT companies or apply for the internship, after finishing two years of study, and with acquired knowledge, they can gain good groundwork for further training through work on real-world projects. Also, they have the opportunity to enroll in the third year of study and get a bachelor’s degree.

The IT study programs are the result of cooperation between the University of Sarajevo and the Association of the IT companies „Bit Alliance“, which has been actively involved in the curriculum development of the study programs, in accordance with the needs of the IT companies.

The idea of providing scholarships for this profession in high demand was initiated with the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy Sarajevo Canton and the Bit Alliance. The Ministry of Economy provided funding to cover the costs of scholarships in the academic year 2019/2020 for all 130 new students.

According to the enrollment plan, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics will enroll 80, and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering will enroll 50 students in IT associate degree study programs.

In the overall process of the initiative and series of meetings in the last months, representatives of the Ministry of Economy Mr. Haris Bašić and Mr. Rusmir Pobrić were involved on one part and on the other part, Bit Alliance Executive Director Tatjana Vučić, Operations Officer Haris Palalija together with representatives of Bit Alliance Board of Directors Mrs Amina Karić, Mr. Edin Deljkić, Mr. Milad Čerkić, Mr. Muamer Bezdrob and Mr. Haris Hadžić.

Business to University matchmaking event organized under the CRONOS Project in Cluj – Napoca


Cluj IT cluster is currently implementing a regional project directed towards strengthening the process of strategic alignment and innovation among cluster members in order to accelerate the development of innovative technologies and products in the ITC sector with internationally scalable potential. The project seeks to build cooperation on short, medium and long term, based on research results achieved by various structures of universities and research centers which are members of Cluj IT Cluster.

As part of the ongoing CRONOS project, a series of matchmaking sessions were initiated under the Digital Talks umbrella. The meetups, organized as closed matchmaking sessions between representatives of the private sector and research groups active within the member universities, are focused on facilitating contact and collaboration among representatives of the two sectors of activity.

A new installment of these meetings was hosted on June 25th by the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca where more than 35 participants from the IT industry and experts involved in active projects from research development and innovation groups attended. 15 ongoing projects with high potential for technology transfer were presented in a dedicated session, while delegates had the opportunity to match research initiatives with relevant competencies and technologies available within the industry.

The European Supercomputer to be built in Sofia Teach Park, Bulgaria


The first petascale supercomputer in Eastern Europe will be positioned in Sofia Tech Park, the company being a lead partner in the project for building of the machine, which will be part of the European network of supercomputers.

The project was presented by the Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Maria Gabriel in the presence of Roberto Viola, Director-General of the GD “Connect” in the European Commission, after a meeting in the Council of Ministers.

The supercomputer will be one of the five petascale supercomputers designed to boost the computing power of Europe. The application of the Bulgarian Consortium, with Sofia Tech Park as a leading partner, was approved under the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking procedure, where 8 locations for hosting the supercomputers were selected: 3 pre-exascale and 5 petascale supercomputers. After its construction, Bulgaria will be established as a digital hub in the region. The main purpose of the supercomputer is to support a number of research and innovation activities, to stimulate the industry based on the use of technology and computing resources. The machine resources can be used in many application areas by a large number of public and private users, including small and medium-sized enterprises at Bulgarian, regional and European level. Bulgaria’s presence in the European network of supercomputers will lead to achievement of advanced results in the medical data analysis for cellular and molecular diagnostic, which will help to select appropriate treatment for cellular level of severe diseases. The system will be optimized to work in a variety of scientific areas including bioinformatics, pharmacy, molecular dynamics and mechanics, quantum chemistry and biochemistry, artificial intelligence and more.

You can find the full article on the following link.

In cooperation with G Solution Group, Vojvodina ICT Cluster offers a new service – immigration counseling and preparation of visa application for any destination


Our member, Vojvodina ICT Cluster – VOICT, has partnered with G Solutions Group to bring a new service to their portfolio: immigration counseling and preparation of visa applications for any destination! All applications from 3B ICT members coming through the VOICT web site will receive 5% discount. However: During the promotional period, reserved exclusively to 3B ICT, our members can count on 20% discount on all applications submitted before August 31, 2019!

Migration and relocation of workforce is a global phenomenon that has been particularly present in the IT sector in recent years and has a significant impact on the overall competitiveness and performance of IT companies in global markets.


Cross-border recruitment outside employers origin country is often over-bureaucratized and time-consuming, requiring deep knowledge of immigration regulations and strict compliance with legal procedures.

G Solutions Group is the first regional immigration service provider which offers tailor-made solutions to their customers. Whether you need a counseling service or assistance in preparing a visa application for any destination in the world, or your new employees with foreign citizenship need assistance in meeting all the necessary conditions for work in Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Macedonia, or Montenegro, we are ready to respond to all your needs.

Check the details, ask for more information, or submit your application here.

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