16th Regular Annual Election Assembly of MASIT ICT Chamber of Commerce

On March 18, 2022, the ICT Chamber of Commerce – MASIT Skopje, held its 16th Regular Annual Election Assembly at the Alexander Palace Hotel, at which the new leadership of the chamber was elected with a mandate of March 2022 – March 2025.

Mr. Ilija Gospodinov from the company Endava was elected President of the Management Board, and Ms. Vesna Ivanoska from the company Seavus Educational and Development Center was elected Vice President of the Management Board.


At the regular Election Assembly, for a new President of the Assembly of MASIT, Mrs. Aneta Antova Pesheva from the company Unet was elected. At the same time, new members of the Management Board, the Supervisory Board and the Court of Honor were elected. They are listed below:

Members of the Management Board of MASIT are:

  • Ilija Gospodinov, Endava, President of the Management Board
  • Vesna Ivanoska, Seavus Educational and Development Center, Vice President of the MB
  • Blagoj Hristov, Makedonski Telekom
  • Goran Petrevski, ASSECO SEE
  • Damjan Manchevski, Mak-System Software
  • Dragan Chepujnoski, A1 Macedonia
  • Nenad Chubrinovski, InPlayer
  • Robert Pavlov, Musala Soft
  • Sofche Jovanovska, Scalefocus

Members of the Supervisory Board of MASIT are:

  • Mile Stoilovski, Bransys, President of the Supervisory Board
  • Goran Mitev, Edusoft
  • lija Mishov, IT Labs

Members of the MASIT Commission of Honor are:

  • Tedi Conevski, Neotel, President of the Commission of Honor
  • Viktorija Drangovska, Code IT Solutions
  • Dashmir Istrefi, Hoyo Tech

The new management of MASIT in the upcoming period will have several strategic priorities for strengthening the position of the chamber and protecting the interests of the ICT industry:

  • establishing a regular process for monitoring the situation and growth of the ICT industry;
  • lobbying of the interests of the ICT industry in front of the competent State institutions by transferring the problems and offering solutions;
  • strengthening the chamber by introducing new and expanded membership services;
  • strengthening coordination between the private and the public sector and education (formal and informal) in order to address labor force challenges;
  • promoting the ICT industry and member companies.

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