MASIT held a meeting with the HE US Ambassador Kate Marie Burns

On 04.12.2019, in the premises of MASIT, the management and the operational team of the chamber held a meeting with HE US Ambassador Kate Marie Burns.
At the meeting, they presented information that is of prime importance for the Macedonian economy and industrial growth, as well as for the regional cooperation within which MASIT is very active.
In addition, MASIT presented tax reform proposals in favor of increasing the highly qualified ICT staff.

The rapid growth of ICT export exports, measured in the last three years, especially in the last two quarters, is an even more concrete basis for planning and stimulating the introduction of more significant government measures in the future, by adapting existing policies.

Given the fact that the progressive growth of the ICT industry is fully organic, MASIT’s efforts are strongly geared to tax reforms that will multiply the effect of growth in order to increase it and further impact the country’s economic situation, as well as improve national GDP. These two missions of MASIT for 2020 years, supported by the analysis and research of the situation, were emphasized by the President of the Managing Board of MASIT Aneta Antova Peseva. Peseva also expressed the need to prioritize focusing on the alarming migration of IT experts from the country, a problem that can cause a domino effect in other economic sectors.

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