MASIT held a working meeting with Minister Apostolska

Minister without portfolio in charge of foreign investments Zorica Apostolska today met with financial directors and managers of companies from the ICT chamber membership MASIT. The topic of the meeting, which was held at MASIT’s premises, was the presentation of the Law on Financial Support to Investments, and Apostolska detailed the sections on the application procedure, eligibility requirements and details related to the application evaluation procedure itself.

In the discussion, informed by the Apostolic Cabinet, the topic and opportunities that are opened by the Law on Financial Support to Investment for ICT Companies were elaborated in detail and more open questions were raised to start the possibility of ICT companies to use the Law, as well the expected support that can be gained back, in the direction of legal certainty for companies.

– MASIT’s ICT chamber proactivity in policy making and facilitating conditions for ICT companies to operate is strongly accentuated, especially with the ever-increasing export of ICT services and their contribution to domestic GDP, the Apostolska Cabinet said.

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