DATA AS AN ASSET – 16th Annual MASIT Conference

The 16th conference with the theme – DATA AS AN ASSET was held on Thursday, October 31, 2009. Driven by the aspirations of Macedonian ICT companies to become more competitive on the European and world markets, as well as by the progressive export volumes of the ICT industry, MASIT directed the panels and discussions to one particularly important and crucial topic: data.

According to the conclusions of the discussions, data must lie at the heart of all decision-making processes and be treated as an instrument of trust. Empirically, data-driven decision-making companies have proven to be more successful in their work and hence data is a major critical success factor. The conference was opened by Ms Aneta Antova Peseva, President of the Managing Board of MASIT who stated in her opening panel: “The ICT industry is the fastest growing, self-sufficient, without any subsidies and assistance, with young staff developing side by side with world trends. So I suggest that we listen to the experts in this broad field today who will be the future of the world. This will reaffirm that we are really not just a service to the economy, as they have treated us for years, but that we are the backbone of the economy and without us economic processes are impossible. When the economic policy makers in the country understand this, we will all move on. “Mr. Damjan Manchevski / Minister of Information Society and Administration also addressed the opening address which stated:” With the opening address: on the Population Register, and most recently the National e-Services Portal, the state provides a higher level of access to citizens’ data on the one hand and special protection of personal data on the other.

The Population Register enables the collection of data on individuals and their use by the competent institutions for the purposes of their administrative procedures. The registry enables the institutions that work with citizens’ personal data to find the latest and most accurate data on citizens without the need for manual maintenance and updating. “Mr. Stefan Tomajan – Deputy Head of Mission of the Swiss Embassy noted:” The Swiss Support and Development Agency, through the Project Increasing Market Employability – NAME, will work with information technology companies to overcome the challenges they face, above all the constant need for adequate staffing. gift and retention of employees. To overcome these conditions, the sector will need to invest in: staff professionalization, development of a sector strategy, in particular identifying markets, offering new innovative products, conducting the digitization process and continuing dialogue with government institutions on adapting existing policies to market needs. “Discussions also included Big Data & Analytics, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis, Business Development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Smart Home, Internet of things. The conference was attended by more than 200 representatives of domestic and foreign ICT companies and companies from other sectors, as well as representatives from state institutions and ministries, donor and international diplomatic community, ICT academic academics, media and others.

The conference was organized by the Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies – MASIT, supported by the NAME – Market Empowerment Project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by Palladium. The conference is sponsored by Oracle, Asseco SEE & Payten, Datamasters, Neocom, Pixel, Endava, Semos, KB First Pension Company, ProCredit Bank, Poly and Brainster.

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