Memorandum of cooperation signed between MASIT and the Ministry of Information Society and Administration

MASIT together with MIOA signed a memorandum of cooperation aimed at affirmation of areas of common interest, the realization of joint activities, and other forms of mutual cooperation.

This memorandum aims to ensure cooperation between MASIT and MIOA in order to use the competencies and reference knowledge of the issue and ICT.

Special emphasis in the memorandum is placed on:

Mutual consultation in all processes of adoption of strategies, laws, bylaws, and other acts that are important for achieving the goals of the ICT industry in the Republic of Macedonia. Macedonia

Improving the efficiency of the work of the ICT sector and ICT staff
Raising the level of digital literacy among the citizens by organizing training

Improving the conditions for efficient and sustainable competition in the electronic communications market

Encouraging investments in public electronic communications networks by introducing new technologies and services, and especially by introducing the next generations of public electronic communications networks

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