Support for digital transformation in SMEs

Due to the enormous importance that the ICT industry has on the entire economy, and the importance of digital transformation in general for the development of the overall economy, MASIT – the Information and Communication Technologies Chamber of Commerce, aims to support digital transformation and development of small and medium enterprises within this the project and will implement activities to create an online tool for self-assessment of digital transformation needs, as well as providing expert analysis of digital and small and medium enterprises. The project is supported by the Ministry of Economy under the Competitiveness, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program for 2019 and in accordance with the Public Call for Support and Development of the Cluster Association in the Republic of North Macedonia for 2019.

The digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises is of great importance not only for the enterprises themselves but also for the development of the economic, social and general situation in the country. Digital transformation completely changes the way business operates and is a necessary process especially for SMEs, which will contribute to the development and offering of better and more innovative products on the market. Completing the process of digital transformation in companies reduces costs and makes companies more efficient and effective, all of which results in increased competitiveness not only on the national market but beyond. The opportunities offered by the digital transformation process are endless, especially for SMEs coming from vertical sectors (tourism, agriculture, textile, automotive, waste management, renewable energy, etc.) that have the greatest potential and benefit from the introduction of digital processes and systems into operation, as well as the creation of new digital services and products for clients.

Within this project, MASIT will conduct activities to create an online self-assessment tool and provide expert analysis on digital transformation in SMEs, from December 2019 to March 2020.



  • Overall Objective of the Project: To help small and medium-sized companies with an interest and need to introduce digital transformation in their work to check the needs and potential of digital transformation, as well as receive expert assistance in designing a digital transformation strategy.
  • Specific Objective of the Project: Providing a free online tool that will enable companies to self-assess the level of digital transformation they are currently in, as well as the potential level of digital transformation they can achieve; and providing vouchers for conducting expert analysis to define the priority areas for digital transformation of a company’s operations on the basis of which companies can create a digital transformation strategy.

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