Macedonian Outsourcing Industry Report (October, 2019)

The Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies – MASIT has published the first Outsourcing Industry Report in the country. The report measures and illustrates the export of services abroad, the advantages and disadvantages of this industry and its future.

  • MASIT draws on the idea of ​​producing this Report from the fact that the outsourcing industry is not recognized as a separate industry in North Macedonia. Thus, it does not have adequate support mechanisms, proper legislation, a developed market and greater expansion of market opportunities outside the country.
  • The purpose of MASIT is that with the realization of this Report, it emphasizes that in North Macedonia it has all the conditions to create a positive climate for the development of this industry and to accelerate it by positioning the country as a potential country on the map of outsourcing industries in the region and beyond.
  • This Report is created based on the example of two Reports: Report on Outsourcing in the SEE Region and the Report of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Industry Association. Following their positive examples and learning from their mistakes, we believe we can greatly influence the development of the outsourcing industry.

The report was originally presented at the MASIT Annual Conference on October 31, 2019, and can be downloaded at the following link below.

Macedonian Outsourcing Industry Report (2019) – EN

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