A1 Macedonia

Guide to the digital world

A1 is a telecommunication company focused on developing and offering convergent and sophisticated digital solutions meeting all communication needs of residential and business customers, and the communication needs of every modern family as well.

By providing technology and services adapted to the habits and the needs of the modern age, A1 is constantly encouraging its customers to enjoy new experiences and to discover new worlds filled with even more information, fun and friends.

With the motto “Each world of yours”, the intention of A1 is to become a leader in the digital world for all of its users, developing and offering the latest advanced digital experiences and tools, ensuring simpler everyday life, higher productivity and connectivity. A1 is atenttive in analyzing the communication needs of its users in order to offer the best services to meet such needs. A1 is forward looking and relies on its technology to seek and find new opportunities aimed at improving everyday lives of customers. We always strive towards offering new and fresh ideas, as our brand is full of life, with a positive and optimistic outlook and always open to new ways of thinking. A1 never breaks its promises, so our customers can rely on us at all times, because we are a company people can always trust.

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