Macedonian Business Systems

Macedonian Business Systems (MBS) is a company established in 1991 as a Local Service Organization of IBM (International Business Machines) corporation with a long tradition of cooperation with companies in Macedonia. MBS has continued its commitment to offer IBM products (hardware, software, services, etc.) and maintains overall business relationships with Macedonian customers set by IBM’s business ethics, standards and practices.
In early 1999 IBM decided to change the way it operated in all countries where it had no direct representation, which included many other countries besides Macedonia. Following this MBS continued to act as IBM Solutions Provider (top level in the IBM hierarchy of business partners) for all IBM hardware and software platforms.Today, MBS operates under the ideology that human mind creation is the best selling tool on the market as well as the greatest benefit, making the company decide to completely change its operations and transfer from a company whose main business is computers and computer equipment to a company whose core business is development of software solutions.Through our work we strive to contribute to the development of the wider environment as a promoter of the development of the Information Society. We are an active member of the Macedonian IT Association – MASIT. At the same time, we actively participate in caring for our environment and nurturing cultural and historical values ​​through participation in cultural events, poetry and prose activities and the development of youth in the arts. We believe that the development of spiritual values ​​also contributes to creativity in information technology.

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