MAK-SYSTEM is a company that is a world leader in the field of medical software for the management of blood, plasma, tissues and stem cells.

The focus of MAK-SYSTEM is the development of software solutions in transfusiology. Their software is used by blood banks, hospitals, transfusion medicine institutes and line ministries in almost all of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, South and North America and Africa. Among their main clients is the American Red Cross.

What deserves special attention is that it is a Macedonian product, Macedonian software, whose beginnings date back to the mid-80s (the company in Skopje has existed for 30 years), which constantly monitors new technologies and develops new functionalities in favor of patients. The company has all the relevant world certifications in this area, working in strict compliance with the requirements of the US FDA, European regulations / Single European Code, etc. “

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