Call for financial support for purchasing ICT solutions

The project “Digitalization Path” – funded by the USAID Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project and implemented by MASIT (North Macedonia) in partnership with STIKK (Kosovo) and ICT Net (Serbia) is announcing the open call for applications from companies operating in the sector of agriculture and processing, light manufacturing (apparel and textiles, wood processing), and tourism (eco-tourism, rural tourism, and adventure tourism), for financial support in acquiring different types of ICT solutions such as:

  • HRM – Human Resources Management,
  • CRM – Customer relationship management,
  • ERP – Enterprise resource planning,
  • DMS – Document management system,
  • SCM – Supply chain management (inventory planning, ordering, and forecasting),
  • e-commerce solution, web site and other solutions.

The goal of this supporting mechanism is to support the companies from the targeted sectors in their digital transformation.

What can you expect?
● Financial contribution of up to 50% or up to 3,000 USD per company, from the project
● At least 30% USD must be contributed by you
● Support in acquiring offers from ICT companies and a contribution of 20% from the IT company provider in form of: calculated discounts, additional functionalities/ services or training related to usage of IT solution, etc..

The call will be open from January till March 2021, and a selection process of applicants will be made at the end of each month, including end of March. Companies that meet the criteria for applying, will be selected on the “first come – first served principle” within the deadline for application.

Download the file for this call below.

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