Extension of the cooperation with ProCredit Bank

We are pleased to inform you that MASIT and ProCredit Bank will continue their cooperation in the area of ​​patron partnership in the next period as well. We are proud that in the past period, through mutual cooperation, we have contributed to the improvement of the conditions for the growth and development of the ICT industry. Through the continuation of this partnership, ProCredit Bank will support MASIT in its activities to represent the Macedonian ICT industry and promote and represent the business interests of ICT companies in order to promote and develop the ICT industry and the business environment.

ProCredit Bank has been a proven business partner for the past two decades. The first and only digital bank in the country that, with its concept of work, has an individual approach and high-quality service for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also for individuals who want to use simple and modern banking 24/7.

In cooperation with MASIT, ProCredit Bank confirms its commitment and dedication to the ICT sector. For more information, visit the website of ProCredit Bank https://pcb.mk/.

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