MASIT held a meeting with the President Stevo Pendarovski


Today (20.08.2019) ICT Chamber of Commerce – MASIT had a working meeting with the President of the Republic of North Macedonia, Stevo Pendarovski.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Managing Board of MASIT – Aneta Antova Pesheva, members of the Managing Board and members of the Chamber.


At the opening of the meeting, President of the Managing Board of MASIT – Aneta Antova Pesheva emphasized the importance of the President recognizing ICT industry as a driving force and a priority for the Macedonian economy, while pointing out the growth and contribution of the ICT sector in the overall economic performance in the country, as well as the enormous potential for even greater growth in the coming period.

“The ICT industry as one of the leading and fastest growing branches in the country should be the focus of national economic and social policy. Currently the ICT industry is the backbone of the Macedonian economy and it is through this branch that the migration of highly skilled labor can be stopped. On the other hand, this will positively stimulate other industries as well” Pesheva said in her address to the President


The President Pendarovski emphasized that cooperation with and support of the IT sector in the country is crucial, because as he said “Digitalization is moving the world in a different direction and we have to adjust”

“One of the programs we will provide institutional support is the partnership with the British Embassy, ​​the National Youth Council and MASIT for the opening and operation of the project MladiHUB, which will be located in the Office of the President, a space located in the center of Skopje. With the support of this program I hope that we will create a motivating environment that young people in our country will have a chance for success,” President Pendarovski emphasized.


Within the discussion with MASIT members, the parties underlined their commitment to strategically assist, promote and lead the ICT industry, improve the business climate for ICT companies in the country, emphasizing the importance of promoting tax policy, promoting higher education in the technical sciences, stimulating further development, and promoting the ICT industry abroad.

At the meeting it was concluded that it is necessary to create legal and economic framework for accelerated growth of ICT industry, as well as measure for youth retention in the country.

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