Ideal-ist is an international ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) National Contact Point (NCP) network, supporting research and innovation within the EU Framework Programmes. The network includes more than 65 partners from EU Member States, Associated Countries, Eastern European Partner Countries (EEPC), Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC), and other countries throughout the world.

Ideal-ist offers: 

  • Long-standing experience in EU Framework Programmes (Ideal-ist was established in 1996)
  • Expertise in proposal writing and project management: A network of over 65 National Contact Points (NCPs) in the ICT theme support proposers.
  • An international quality team to support proposers, e.g. to better focus proposals
  • Ideal-ist information services: Newsletter, Work Programme information
  • Brokerage events with pre-scheduled meetings
  • Full proposal check events with experienced evaluators
  • Pre-Proposal Check: A new tool to check proposal outlines
  • Toolbox. A tool to support proposers during the whole application process from project idea to project completion and future planning
  • Topic Tree. A tool that helps you to identify historical and future links to call topics and offers you background information provided by Ideal-ist and EC Participant Portal

Ideal-ist services: 

Ideal-ist supports small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large enterprises, academia, research organisations, non-profit organisations, public administrations, and consultancies in

  • Interpreting the ICT Work Programme of Horizon 2020
  • Submitting project ideas in line with the topics of Horizon 2020
  • Building partnerships

More information can be found at the official project web page

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