SEE Innovation

The project SEE Innovation – Facilitating Innovation for ICT SMEs in South Eastern Europe, is a Specific Support Action aiming to assist SMEs from candidate and third countries from the region of South Eastern Europe (SEE) to participate actively in EU-funded research in the field of Information Society Technologies.

The specific aims of SEE-Innovation are to:

  • map the capacities and needs of SMEs operating in the ICT sector in the countries of South Eastern Europe in order to identify those companies that have the potential and the strong interest to participate in RTD-related activities;
  • provide training on opportunities offered by the EU FP6 for innovative ICT SMEs, in particular the IST and related programmes;
  • to support the South Eastern European SMEs in shaping a competitive technological offer (even as a cluster of companies) to be attractive to the future project consortia that will address the calls of IST and related programmes; and
  • facilitate the development of networks between SMEs in the region of South Eastern Europe in order to exchange ideas and pursue joint research collaboration as well as between SMEs and EU organisations, as this is the key to getting involved in joint project activities.

SEE-Innovation is totally aligned with the objectives of the Economic and Technological Intelligence actions of the European Commission and contributes to the strengthening of the scientific and technological cooperation between EU member states, Associated Candidate Counties and Western Balkan countries. Seven countries from South Eastern Europe are represented in the project: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, and Turkey. The project’s duration is 24 months in the period 01 July 2005 – 30 June 2007.

More info about the project can be found at .

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