Report on the topic: ICT – Labor Force Assessment Report (December, 2020)

The Economic Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies – MASIT held an info-session to present the findings of the analysis for the needs of the ICT industry for a skilled workforce as one of the biggest challenges for maintaining competitiveness and increasing growth. The info session was organized together with the USAID Regional Project for Economic Development, Management and Enterprise Development (EDGE) and the Partnership for Better Business Regulation Project, implemented by Epi Center in partnership with the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, Chamber of Commerce for Information and Communication Technologies – MASIT, Chamber of Commerce of Northwest Macedonia and Association of Chambers of Commerce.
The conclusions and recommendations from the analysis, as well as the direct proposals from the business sector from today’s online info-session will be submitted to the competent authorities through the Public-Private Dialogue Platform to create measures that will address these shortcomings.

ICT – Labor Force Assessment Report

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