MASIT is the official partner of the 100% virtual event S2TECH Sustainable and Smart Technologies Virtual Fair and Congress This event aims to overcome the difficulties in doing business and to introduce companies and organizations in the represented sectors. In a fully virtual environment, S2Tech will provide the opportunity for virtual meetings where all participants can participate.

During the two days of the event, exhibitors, presenters and visitors will have the opportunity to communicate, visit booths, attend conferences and meet new potential customers, suppliers or potential partners for their project virtually.

The platform is designed to offer virtual reality, where interaction with others online is a major factor. To access the platform, you will only need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with an Internet connection and, once connected to the platform, attendees will be able to communicate via voice message from a digital avatar. * All details and a wider description of the virtual event can be found in the attached document (No. 2 S2TECH official guide)

Participating sectors

  • Energy storage
  • Professional audiovisual
  • Smart cities and buildings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Electronics
  • Solar energy
  • Lighting
  • Smart technologies

S2TECH will have a pavilion exclusively for startups where the stands will have a reduced price of 250 euros

  • You can see all the details regarding the price list on the attached document (No. 2 S2TECH official guides).

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