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MASIT and the National Youth Council of Macedonia invite you to participate in the first cycle of the Digital Work Program and Digital Skills Training Program within the framework of the YouthFAB – Digital Youth project.

Within this cycle, young people between the ages of 15 and 29 will have the opportunity to attend digital skills training provided by certified providers and upon successful completion of the training they will receive a certificate. In order to gain access to the training, young people will need to carry out community service activities in different initiatives / organizations / institutions to which the project will be allocated. The first cycle workshops and trainings will be delivered on the territory of the City of Skopje.

For the trainings:

The first cycle will offer 3 categories of training: Quick Digital and Business Skills Training – two to four hours, Digital Skills Training – 8 sessions 2 hours each and Advanced IT Skills Training by 3 months (50 hours). All applicants who wish to attend the training will have to carry out community-based work in the duration appropriate to the length of the training. Some of the trainings will be conducted in parallel with the realization of the community service work. The trainings will be delivered during November and December 2019 and January and February 2020 and will focus on the following topics:

Digital and Business Skills Training (2-4 hours):

Advertise on Facebook and Instagram
Making a business plan
Introduction to HTML & CSS
Creating a Website in WordPress – Introduction
Event organization
Communication skills and public speaking
Relationships through digital tools
Writing a CV and preparing for an interview
Entrepreneurship and basic business skills
Sales and sales skills
Introduction to Business intelligence
Digital Skills Training (16 hours divided into 8 sessions two hours each):

Digital marketing
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
System Administrator
Initial programming basics
Advanced IT Skills Training (50 business hours):

Front-end web development

The digital and business skills training and digital skills training will be delivered by Brainster, and advanced IT skills training will be provided by SEMOS Education. Selected candidates who will successfully perform the community service will receive a voucher to participate in the trainings and will receive a certificate for successful follow-up of the trainings. Thereby:

All candidates aged 15 to 29 will be able to apply for up to 3 quick trainings. If they apply for more than one training, the duration of community service increases proportionally.
All applicants between the ages of 15 and 29 will only be able to apply for one digital and business skills training.
Candidates applying for Front-end Web Development training (advanced IT skills training) should be between 25 and 29 years of age and have basic web development knowledge. The knowledge of the candidates who will apply for this training will be tested.
About community service

Commonly used work will be carried out in the following areas:

Event organization
Caring for homeless animals
Environmental care
Caring for socially vulnerable groups
Editing photos and / or videos for nonprofits
Maintain social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.) for non-profit organizations
Creating and maintaining websites for non-profit organizations
Support of the activities of the project “YouthFAB-Digital Youth”, as well as the events organized in the project premises.
Candidates will have the opportunity to choose one or more areas in which they would like to be involved. All applicants who will duly complete the application by filling in the appropriate number of places for each training will be allocated to various initiatives, institutions and organizations where they will need to carry out community service work. Community-based activities will be conducted according to the guidance and instructions of a mentor authorized by the initiative / institution / organization. Participants who have successfully completed community work will be issued a voucher for attendance at the training. With this voucher young people will have access to appropriate training.

How to apply

All interested applicants between the ages of 15 and 29 should complete the application form at the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3YhxA68OMhYa0DC1M1bxYVn4kOzwz7_jhlDh_by6BxgX7
digital skills will be provided based on the principle: “first come first served”. If there are more applicants for a given training than there are vacancies, the applicants that are later enrolled will be allocated to another training of the same category. The allocation will be made in accordance with the needs and wishes of the candidate, as well as the vacancies for training attendance.

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